Progression 315

The 315 is an extension of the 313, the difference is the added 180 rotation, so you should be able to land the 313 with ease before trying the 315. To step up your 313 to a 315, you´ll need to approach the trick with more speed and power than you usually do. Learn this trick on flatwater so you have the perfect pop, but more importantly, a smooth landing. The challenge on this trick is the extra rotation right before landing.  — Bruna Kajiya

1. Start off by gathering speed and pop into a Raley, extending you upper body completely. As for the legs, keep your back leg fully stretched out and your front leg slightly bent. Make sure to have a complete extension on your upper body, otherwise the trick might turn into a Shifty.

2. Once in full extension, start a frontside rotation looking over your shoulder.

3. Pull the bar aggressively towards you. This will build up the momentum to add the extra rotation.

4. Pass the bar as a normal 313 but as soon as the pass is completed, move the rotation from the top of your body to your legs, pushing the back leg forward to toeside.

5. Pull the bar towards your hip while reaching to the bar with your backhand. This will help the rotation, and bring your upper body closer to the bar, giving you more balance for the landing.

Common Mistakes

A common mistake when trying this trick is to rush into the pass to gain time, without putting enough focus on the Raley. The extended Raley, with a pause on full extension, is a key part on the execution of this trick. That pause is the trigger to go for one aggressive move, creating enough momentum for the full 540 degree rotation.

Brazil’s Bruna Kajiya is a Freestyle World Champion and is sponsored by Red Bull, Airush and Mystic.