On The Cover – Summer 2019

“This photo was from my first session out at Peahi during the 2018-2019 winter season. This is also my second time ever kiting out there. It had been about seven months since my first session, so I was definitely nervous when we pulled up to the wave on the jet ski. The wind was super strong and offshore, making the conditions very different from my first session. I was on a six meter Duotone Neo, but definitely should have been on a four meter! This made it challenging, but that much more exciting. It took a while for me to warm up but I was finally able to catch some fun and scary waves like this one. Definitely got the adrenaline going!

The photographer Si Crowther happened to be taking photos in the channel of the windsurfers. My boyfriend Patri Mclaughlin was on his jet ski running safety for me and offered to take Si aboard so he could get closer to the wave in order to take photos. This meant he was able to get a couple of close up shots of me. It’s pretty exciting to see Si with his camera pointed at you when you come flying into the channel. I am hoping for another session like this one before the winter season comes to an end!” — Olivia Jenkins