On The Cover – Issue 7.2

“This photo was taken about a mile out from Miami’s Stiltsville; a large sandbar with narrow canals with many shallow spots provides kiters with crystal clear flat water that is only accessible by boat. But for this unfortunate sailor these shallow spots retired this boat’s sailing career and created a new hit formy own personal kite park. 

I found this sailboat stuck here while my girlfriend Sarah Dunick and I were teaching our kiteboarding students. My student decided to take an offshore tack about a mile out and head downwind. When I finally got to him I noticed this sailboat sat here just waitingfor me. When Sarah and I finallygot everyone rounded up andback to shore I called up my good friend and photographer Carlose Mesa to get some shots outthere that evening. 

I set up my kite off our boat and Sarah captained while Carlose took shots on the way down to the sailboat. When we arrived to the half sunken vessel I couldn’t help but slide every angle of it. This shot was a Backside Lip Slide on the trim of the sailboat. I caught a couple of screws in the bottom of my board but that’s better than catching them elsewhere. Big thanks to Sarah for captaining the boat and getting the right angles for Carlos to get the shot at the right time with the sun peaking out at us between storms.”—Chris Bobryk

Rider: Chris Bobryk

Photographer: Carlose Mesa

Location: Miami, Florida