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On the Cover – Issue 4 – Craig Cunningham

Rider: Craig Cunningham

Locations: Squamish, Canada

Photographer: Toby Bromwich

Kiting at home in Canada is always good times. No matter where you go, Great Lakes, East Coast, West Coast everybody is super friendly and the spots are beautiful. Granted we don’t have a very long season (a lot of people stretch it pretty far), so anytime I can get sessions it’s pretty special since I spend so much time on the road these days. This summer just after the Hood River Slider Jam a big group of our friends ventured north to Squamish for a mountain bike and kite trip. Along for the ride with us was good friend and NKB photographer Toby Bromwich.  

Squamish is not only one of my favourite spots to kite in Canada, but it’s also up there on a global scale. The sheer beauty of this place when you take a look around the launch is absolutely incredible. After riding from the main spot, the Honey Hole, we ventured downwind from the normal launch in Squamish and into some sketchy areas. Once in this zone I knew we were going to hit the jackpot. The wind was super funky in here but with the backdrop of the Squamish Chief and Toby behind the lens I was sure it would be worth the risk. One hour of riding in there and we had so many different angles and compositions. Here Toby is using a 16mm-35mm 2.8 with his 5d Mark III in a water housing and I’m doing a Melon S Mobe. Backdrop? Check. Full rig? Check. Solid grab? Check. Kitesurfing Magazine Cover? Super stoked! Appreciate the love.—Craig Cunningham

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