Naish Thrust Surf Large


The Thrust Surf Foil was designed in collaboration with Kai Lenny, who is one of the pioneering experts of surf and kite foiling. Both the front and rear wings of the Thrust Surf Foil work on the same fuselage as the Thrust KS 1 foil so you can interchange all the components. The thing about large surf foils is you can put them on a surfboard or SUP, but they also work great for low speed kite foiling and offer a more manoeuvrable ride. The Naish Foil was one of the quickest to plane of the group tested and made it really easy to practice transitions and carves without coming off a foil. You can quickly learn to pump the foil onto a plane and practice all the carves and transitions you need to work on to do some surf or SUP foiling. Having a slow running foil like this makes using a smaller mast more exciting because you can intiate tighter turns at lower speeds and reduced angles. Less power is required from your kite that just needs to be able to fly and pull you upright to get moving. The Thrust Surf Large works for the larger sized riders above 160 pounds and they also make a medium size for lighter weight foil riders.