Lockdown – With Fred Hope

For this Lockdown, Kitesurfing Magazine catches up with Fred Hope: Hood River ripper and Slingshot International team rider.
Kitesurfing Magazine: How are you passing the time? 
Fred Hope: Working on a sprinter van that I bought last year before I went to school. Super fun project that keeps me busy when I’m not doing online school. Check it out @boris.dodgeson on instagram.
Kitesurfing Magazine: What’s your favourite binge worthy show? 
Fred Hope: I’ve been watching Money Heist (casa de papel) on Netflix. Great show. Spending a little too much time watching though haha.
Kitesurfing Magazine: What your favourite Kite Movie from the past year?
Fred Hope: Haven’t watched any from this year but I’ve been meaning to download Death of Park.
Kitesurfing Magazine: What’s your favourite kite film of all time?
Fred Hope: Chapter One was pretty good. Haven’t watched a ton of kite films over the years.
Have you read any good books recently?
Fred Hope: Unfortunately, the only books I’ve read over the last couple years have been chemistry and biology textbooks. Planning on getting back into casual reading during this quarantine.
Kitesurfing Magazine: Do you do any cooking? What’s your favourite recipe?
Fred Hope: While I was away at college, my meals would consist of eggs and ham, with the occasional jalapeño cheese bagel. I’m all about efficiency and cheap food so that got me through the day. Now being home, I’ve been eating a little better. Eggs and bacon for breakfast, more veggies all around, and a lot of soups such as asparagus, chicken, and squash soup.
Kitesurfing Magazine: Bucket List Trip?
Fred Hope: Probably a trip to Maurtius or Peru to chase some waves. Haven’t ever been to a good wave spot so its only a matter of time.
Kitesurfing Magazine: Have you been using the time off the water to visualize new foil boarding trick?
Fred Hope: Not really. Haven’t thought much about foiling at all. More about my van and maybe getting a dirt bike to explore logging roads up in the hills. We’ll see if I can find a cheap one around here.
Kitesurfing Magazine: Parting thoughts?
Fred Hope: Its a pretty weird time we’re in right now, and hopefully it ends sooner rather than later. Until that time I think its important to follow the rules around where you live so that kiteboarding doesn’t get a bad rap in your hometown. Not trying to tell anyone what to do, but think of it as “lets stay in now so we can kite that same spot when the weather is perfect, whether thats in a couple weeks or a couple months.”
Stay healthy everyone!
—Fred Hope, Slingshot, Ride Engine