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TravelEuropeFirst Kite Mission in Sam Light’s New Boat: Journey to Hurst Castle

First Kite Mission in Sam Light’s New Boat: Journey to Hurst Castle

Kitesurfing enthusiasts worldwide know Sam Light for his relentless spirit and unquenchable thirst for adventures. This time, Sam packed up all his kite equipment and embarked on a unique mission: a 50km journey to Hurst Castle in his brand-new boat.

Setting Off on New Waters

The story behind the boat transition is intriguing in itself. Sam sold his sailing boat last year, which, while wonderful, was slow and restrictive for his ambitious adventures. He upgraded to a motorized fishing boat, aiming to navigate the seas faster and explore more distant spots. This journey to Hurst Castle would be the boat’s maiden voyage under Sam’s command.

Armed with kites, wings, foils, downwind foil boards, twin tips, and accompanied by his friend Dom from Swift Foiling, Sam was ready for anything. The destination: Hurst Castle, a favorite spot, a picturesque location, and 30 miles away. The journey by boat was estimated to take around two hours. Along the way, they might even rendezvous with fellow kiter, Tom Court.

A notable mention also goes to Sam’s new O’Neill van, generously lent and acting as a storage unit for all the exciting kite equipment. It’s not only about having the right gear; it’s also about arriving in style.

Challenging the Seas

When embarking on a journey like this, the weather is a crucial factor. On this particular day, Mother Nature decided to test Sam’s resolve. With winds ranging from 25 to 30 knots, a spring tide moving against the wind, and a 2-meter swell, it promised to be a challenging day at sea.

But Sam thrived in such conditions, often referring to it as his favorite weather. Battling the sea, overcoming its challenges, and arriving at the destination gives Sam immense gratification. For many, this might sound extreme, but for him, it’s an ordinary day in his extraordinary life.

The Beauty of Hurst Castle

Hurst Castle, located at the tip of a 2-kilometer shingle bank extending into the solent, is a spot treasured by Sam. The location offers one of the best flat-water spots for kitesurfing. Its historical significance, with the castle built by Henry VIII in 1544, juxtaposes the contemporary water sports activities taking place around it.

Upon arriving after an eventful journey, Sam relished in the splendors of Hurst Castle, reminding himself of the beauty of the spot. The mission was not just about the thrill of the journey but the destination itself.

Concluding the Adventure

After an exhilarating session at Hurst Castle, the duo prepared for their return. Along the way, they enjoyed the luxuries of the new boat, appreciating the cabin’s comforts against the harsh conditions outside.

The journey, with its ups and downs, stands as a testament to Sam’s adventurous spirit and his never-ending pursuit of the next kite destination. It’s more than just about kitesurfing; it’s about pushing boundaries, challenging oneself, and embracing every bit of the adventure. For all who tuned in, this certainly was an “epic one”.

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