Favorite Videos of 2015 – Niccolo Porcella

Maui’s favorite son and international Waimman Hawaii team rider Niccolo Porcella shares his favorite kite videos of 2015.

My favorite video of 2015 for kitesurfing is Keahi De Aboitiz at Teahupoo. This Tahiti session of Keahi De Aboitiz for the simple fact that it was a epic progressive session of kitesurfing Barrels.

My favorite video that I starred in this year is Inspire edited by Forest Bakker. It was a blast to show him and Alvaro the Island were I grew up in and the beauty that surrounds it. We scored some fun sessions and got some good clips.

This product video is for sure the my favorite. From the edit to the songs to the quality of footage and the product its self. https://vimeo.com/125456299