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News2019 Liquid Force WOW V4 Surf Kite

2019 Liquid Force WOW V4 Surf Kite

“Liquid Force  are excited to bring you the Liquid Force WOW Version 4 (v4).  Completely redesigned offering a new feel that will bring all your surf loving kiteboarders the kite of their dreams.  We spent over a year benchmarking performance characteristics that we found advantageous in other kites and brought them all into this version.  Not and easy task! But after numerous protos, endless test sessions and scrutinization from our seasoned surf specialists we are proud to get this version in your hands!

The WOW remains as Liquid Force’s surf specialist kite.  We have focused all our efforts to make sure that this kite will help bring anyone’s wave riding to the next level of progression.  We have continued our focus on increasing turning speed dynamics, creating manageable depower, delivering mindless down the line drift, and precise feedback all in one of the lightest weight, wave capable kites you can get.”—Gary Siskar, Liquid Force Kite Manager


The Liquid Force WOW v4 NEW features:

  • New profile in the center of the kite front to back and in the arc.  This engineered change makes for a very stable, gust eating, smooth drifting, confidence inspiring flight feel.
  • New wingtip design that is elongated allowing for rapid turning redirection and elimination of any back-stall tendencies.
  • New shape that is “boxy” making the kite pivot on an internal axis that allows for precise, controlled placement of the kite without being yanked off line by unwanted apparent wind generation.
  • New bridle configuration that creates an even sheeting power band and allows for quick immediate depower for precise control on the wave face and smooth predictability for strapless air tricks.
  • New Teijin triple rip stop Performance canopy material.  The highest strength to weight ratio material that utilizes technical coatings to protects against UV and chalking.
  • New MaxFlow air stop cap.  This new Maxflow cap design incorporates a secondary airtight gasket for confidence.
  • New Ballistic Kevlar contact bumpers that are 1/3 the weight of standard EVA scuff guards.

WOW v4 on Liquid Force Kites global site:


WOW v4 Sizzle video

WOW v4 Technical walk though video (live on Liquid Force site 12/15):


“WOW v4 episode on Liquid Force Kites Official Podcast!  Yes, we are now recording podcasts for your listing pleasure and product knowledge enjoyment.  We are mainly going to be using this as a venue for product knowledge instalments that will include tips on recommended use, set up tips, and testimonials.  But!  Don’t be surprised if every once and a while an episode will cover team riders, designer notes, etc!”


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