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DAKINE C1 Hardshell Harness

Dakine has been a leader and innovator of kite harnesses since the beginning, and the Dakine C1  harness with Dakine’s Texon hard shell system is like owning a custom-built harness that’s adapted to your body contours. The Dakine C1’s hardshell design actually forms to the rider’s body shape over time. The semi-rigid, hard shell is built with Dakine’s Adaptive Fit Composite (AFC) which is designed to mold to the riders body. The Dakine C1 features a low profile and narrow shape, but is more rigid through the back and sides with composite molding that keeps it stiff and supportive. It only takes a few good sessions to get the harness to form to your back allowing for a more comfortable, locked in fit. The C-1 Maniac comes with the popular sliding Maniac bar. For 2017 the C-1 Hammerhead comes with the new quick clip entry and exit Push button Hammerhead spreader bar.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Dakine C-1 Hardshell Harness
Dakine C-1 Hardshell Harness


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