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CORE Fusion 6 and Fusion 6 LW


CORE has launched the sixth generation of its versatile twintip Fusion, building upon the accomplishments of its highly successful predecessor. This latest version features a thinner and stiffer carbon fabric, along with an overall enhanced environmental balance. These improvements not only deliver superior jumping performance but also contribute to a heightened sense of environmental consciousness.

During the development of the Fusion 6, the aim was to build upon the already successful and well-received Fusion 5, which was based on a holistic CAD-based and innovative approach, and take it to new heights. The process began with a 3D layout and a careful selection of materials.

Stiffer and stronger

Now in its sixth generation, the Fusion introduces a notable advancement inspired by the cutting-edge Imperator, developed by the CARVED team at CORE. A ground-breaking addition to the Fusion 6 is the integration of Cartan 2 Carbon which is thinner, lighter, and more powerful. Due to its lower layer of thickness, it lies flat on the core, requires significantly less resin, and is therefore more efficient in terms of stiffness and strength. The formula is simple: more fiber in the laminate means less material, leading to increased and faster restoring forces for enhanced performance. Big step: Cartan 2 does not come off the carbon roll, but is manufactured to fit each board size, so cutting waste is reduced by up to 80%.

New cavity, new rocker line

The Fusion 6 also features a revised 2-dimensional rocker bed to accommodate the high restoring forces of Cartan 2. This tinkering, which cannot be simulated, requires many months of testing to achieve the perfect tuning. With the optionally available REVO grab handle, the flex and rocker pattern can also be adapted “on the fly”, which opens new performance perspectives.

Unibody edge, well-structured hull and grab section

The great achievements, which still far exceed the standards on the market, have remained: such as the Unibody Edge, composite rods made of 80-layer laminate that enable an extremely strong connection of the upper and lower carbon laminates. The weightoptimized Paulownia Light wood core made of selected rod slats, which is up to 20% lighter than a conventional Paulownia wood core. And, of course, the multi-channel concept, which is linked to a double-concave layout for an excellent riding feel with high smoothness, or the grab section for easier board-offs.

Small steps to meet big responsibility

As a manufacturer, we are continuously reviewing how we can make production and supply chains more sustainable. A new building block towards a better environmental balance is the GreenPoxy, which was used for the first time in Fusion 6. An epoxy resin whose molecular structure is 35% of plant origin – without any disadvantages in its function and performance.

Fusion 6 LW – shredding when others foil

CORE wouldn’t be CORE if all those high-tech developments weren’t adapted to a corresponding light wind model. Once again, there is an independently built Fusion LW in two sizes that promises nothing less than super early planning, high riding pleasure with good agility and respectable jumping performance in the lowest wind range.


133×39 – 135×40 – 137×41 – 139×41.5 – 141×42 – 144×43 – LW 154×46 – LW 159×47


NEW! CARTAN® 2 CARBON: Thinner, stronger carbon fibre fabric with 80% less cutting waste

NEW! GreenPoxy: 35% epoxy resin of plant origin

UNIBODY EDGE: bomb-proof connection of the upper and lower carbon laminates

PAULOWNIA LIGHT: even lighter, CNC-milled paulownia in marine quality

MULTI CHANNELS: Grip and control in all riding situations

KATANA CHANNELS: stiffer tips for more response and resetoring force

BEVELED DECK: minimized reverse flex and better glide

TUCKED UNDER RAILS: more grip and more effective high-altitude running

V-SHAPED KEEL: early gliding, buttery soft landings

NEW! EQ FIN SET (48MM): Equal grip. More agility


Board incl. grabhandle and fins: EUR 1.199,-
Union Comfort P&S: EUR 179,-
Union Pro P&S: EUR 229,-
REVO grabhandle: EUR 119,-

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