California’s Daniela Moroz wins KiteFoil World Series Season Opener

California’s Daniela Moroz was the top female at the Gizzeria KiteFoil World Series at Hang Loose Beach in Italy. Cape Hatteras transplant Dimitri Maramenidis finished 3rd in the grand masters category.

“I am super happy, it was super fun, both boys and girls put up a nice fight and made it so much fun. I am happy I managed to take each race at a time, and just kept following the plan even if somethings didn’t go the right way. For next event I would like to improve on anything, there’s always room for improvement, right?!”, commented an excited Daniela.

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Results after 17 races
1 RYF Denis Taradin
2 FRA Axel Mazella
3 SLO Toni Vodisek
4 FRA Theo De Ramencourt
5 FRA Maxime Nocher

Full results

Top 3 Women
1 USA 113 Daniela Moroz
2 FRA 118 Poema Newland
3 GBR 76 Ellie Aldridge

Top 3 Grand Master
1 DEN James Johnsen
2 DEN Thomas Beckett
3 GRE Dimitri Maramenidis

Top 3 Master
1 TUR Ejder Ginyol
2 ITA Valerio Venturi
3 DEN James Johnsen

Top 3 Youth (U19)
1 ITA Riccardo Pianosi
2 SGP Maximilian Maeder
3 RYF Mikhail Novikov