Big Air Kitesurfing + FPV Racing Drone | Janek ft. Cola

Big Air Kitesurfing captured by FPV racing drone.
Pilot 🧑🏼‍✈️ – @COLA FPV

“I messaged Cola on Instagram inviting him to Tarifa because of his original and high-quality content. Within the next 3 weeks of planning and organizing Cola made the trip out to Spain and we were fully motivated to film content that has never been seen before. Unfortunately, many complications came our way… I got injured and dented my rib, the whole wind forecast went down and things weren’t looking as promising as we planned.
Within the limited time we had, we have shot for 30min, which is only 7 drone batteries with each lasting 3-4min only. Hope you enjoy it:)” —Janek Grzegorzewski

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