Best Videos of 2015 – Reider Decker

Cape Hatteras Wave Classic winner Reider Decker shares his favourite kite videos of 2015 with Kitesurfing Magazine.
My favorite video of mine from 2015 is Kite Attack (see above). It’s a compilation of footage from the 2015 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic and other fun days this Fall. I was obsessed with the song ( Shark Attack by Grouplove) I used for this edit for a while before I made the video. The song changes speeds and shifts between different music genres so fast it keeps the video interesting and is fun to pair with different riding clips.
One of my favorite videos of 2015 is Fly Me to the Moon with Nick Jacobsen. For me, a 10min plus kiting video is usually hard to finish, but Fly Me to the Moon is original and funny enough that it stays entertaining throughout the video.

My favorite Airush Product video from this year is the 2016 AIRUSH TEAM SERIES – TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN RIDERS video. It is a lot more entertaining then most product video I’ve seen. It points out each of the products features in slow motion while the rider is doing maneuvers, so you can really see how and where the technology is being used on the water.