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FreerideBest Videos of 2015 - Matt Elsasser

Best Videos of 2015 – Matt Elsasser

This month Kitesurfing Magazine is asking pro kiteboarders for their favourite kiteboarding videos of 2015. Today Kitesurfing Magazine checks out Oahu pro rider Matt Elsasser’s favourites.

What was your favorite kite video of 2015?
Who doesn’t like to get barreled? Reo’s video walks you through the history of getting shacked with a kite and but also gives you in depth information on barrel riding technique from two of the best in the business, Reo and Keahi.

Favorite video that you produced/started in?
Barneys in Paradise The Movie 2:  A bunch of knuckleheads enjoying college! Now available for free!

Short Edit:It was great to meet up with Damo, James, Nick, and Reo in Hood River this summer. The gorge is where I first started kiting so be able to kite and film there with a few of my heroes was a blast. James killed it on the edit as always, can’t wait for next summer.

Favorite Cabrinha product Video?
Is “Flying Damo” a product? Hopefully in 2017! I had a blast filming this one with Reo, while James tied himself to Damo and went for a stroll around the Columbia river.

Flying high in the Hood

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's Damien LeRoy taking James Boulding for a kite in Hood river

Posted by Cabrinha on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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