Best of 2016: Colleen Carroll

Best Event:
Colleen Carroll: Hood Jam!  I have to say that because I organized it 😉
Best Trip:
Colleen Carroll: Watamu, Kenya with Craig Cunningham.  It was hands down the best trip of our lives!
Best Session:
Colleen Carroll: The Ion best trick kicker session that we had as a bonus contest after the main event of the Hood Jam was finished.  The conditions were as good as they get in the Slider Project Park and everyone was throwing down and charging.
Fav Insta photo:
This one from the @sliderproject had me rolling….
Fav video I appeared in:
Colleen Carroll: Rouge.  Our latest North Kiteboarding Vegas episode.  While it was hard work and the coldest shooting I’ve been on yet, it was one of my all time favorites.  We were in the Magdalen Islands with Craig, Noe Font, Stefan Spiessburger and Aaron Hadlow.  Craig went up early to arrange everything for us so by the time I arrived he had things dialed.  He knew all the spots, sorted us a beautiful house and had even built some really fun features.