Length: 5’4”/ Width: 19” 

Thickness: 2.3”/ Fins: Thruster 

Airush has completely revamped their surf range, with two new construction options for each high performance shape. The Amp II is a compact, low rocker shape with a parallel fore body and wider central hull, but a more narrowed tail. It planes up really early and feels lively and skatey on the water. The Amp ride is quick and smooth with some concave bottom shape and it doesn’t get overpowered too quickly as the narrowed outline in the tail keeps it manoeuvrable at higher speeds. It’s a fun board to ride in the flats and the low rocker makes it an easy shape to Ollie and punt some strapless manoeuvres. The round central hull and narrow tail give it some snappy off the lip turns and its skatey edge to edge feel lets you carve into the ramps or face without hesitation. The test team had a blast lacing into turns and for onshore mushy waves the Amp II is ideal. For more performance on larger down the line, and faster driving waves, look to the Airush Comp. The Amp will be an amazing addition to someone that wants a compact, but early planing board that doesn’t just do freestyle. All the Airush boards come in two styles of high tech construction that make them light weight but durable, with the right flex in the right areas to give them great feel on the wave.