Airton Cozzolino wins Tarifa Strapless Kitesurfing PRO

He also gets the Best Trick and the Big Air doing the best performances

Tarifa, Monday the 5th of July.– Tarifa Strapless Kitesurfing PRO finished last Sunday with Airton Cozzolino as the best Strapless rider ever seen. Everybody at Valdevaqueros beach felt the power of these guys who wanted to show everybody what they could do with a kite and a surf board.
Freestyle ended with an interesting final between Airton Cozzolino and Keahi de Aboitiz; both of them made people at the beach clap and shout to them because their tricks were very spectacular. Aaron Hadlow, Alex Pastor and Liam Whaley, who is now the number one of the ranking at PKRA, were at the beach to see this final. It was a historic day because both disciplines were connected.
On Sunday, both the riders and the public were enjoying the Best Trick and Big Air disciplines. Airton made an amazing performance for each one, and was crowned as the king of this contest.
Because of Strapless, we have witness a historic moment started by riders from all around the world: Australia, France, Hawaii, Portugal, Cabo Verde Island, North Carolina, Italy… 
This Championship was a good example of partnership and respect. What they have been lived has generated a strong feeling beyond friendship. Hope to see them next year here, in Tarifa.