2014 Griffin TRX 7 Pro Review

Size tested: 7m Suggested retail: $1221 (10m Complete)
Sizes available: 7, 9, 10.5, 12, 14, 17m

Test Team Report
The Griffin TRX 7 Pro has all the elements to look for in a versatile, high-performance wave and freestyle kite. The Open Delta C shape provides great low-end power and plenty of depower, and the wide wing tips and pulley-free bridle systems grant excellent control and direct bar feel. What it all adds up to is a kite with a huge value-to-performance ratio. Griffin has also stepped up its construction and components with a built-in scuff pad and bright color options. The Test Team was disappointed that we only had a 7m to try out, as it proved to be a very nimble and capable kite. Good drift for waveriding, with quick pivotal turning ability, and the TRX could handle jumping unhooked and boosted decently as well. Great choice for anyone looking for a kite that can handle most situations. And it lets you put extra travel dollars in your budget for that next kite destination trip.

The Trade-off:
Sometimes the resale value of the less-popular value-packed kites is not as promising.

Best For
Advanced-level riders who wants a kite for the waves and their local slick.

Designer Notes:
As a designer I talk to all levels of riders to get their feedback on the TRX V7 kite. Feedback changes from beginner to advanced riders. Some beginners have a harder time dealing with the fast turning speed ,(not twitchy, but fast ) and most beginners prefer the park and ride feel and performance of the 2014Argo.. Nearly all wave riders and experienced riders prefer the TRX V7 because of the amazing and instant response, turning speed, and drift on the waves. This is why the TRX is called the TRX Pro, as it is aimed at and preferred by the more experienced riders.
There is a large difference between the 2012 TRXV6 and 2014TRX Pro V7. The 2014 has heaps more light wind power with excellent top end wind rage. The kite pattern/shape has changed slightly to make the kite more rock solid in strong gusty winds and to have more power for the size of the kite. The bridle has been optimized for more response and better upwind ability and punch/bar feeling. All kite sizes in the 2014 model have vastly improved performance and power over the 2012 model.