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Party fouls, hookups and best parties! The Best of TRIPLE-S!

The Wind Voyager Triple-S this June 4-10th promises to be one of the best kiteboarding events of the year. The past 10 years have provided some truly epic parties. Here is just a collect of some of the best Triple-S Hookups, Party Fouls and Parties from the recent past.

I DON’T PARTY FOUL. But the biggest fouls were: Alvaro Onieva peeing off the balcony onto the dance floor at one of the parties. Luckily I wasn’t in the crossfire but some weren’t so lucky. Let’s just say his night and trip ended short. Some rider for Vari Kites at the time, I can’t remember his name, stole a bunch of gear. Luckily REAL’s security cameras caught it and he got busted. Andre Phillip

2010 CLOSING PARTY was the best party; no question on that one at all. DJ Brady on the inside balcony, Dubplates on the main floor of the house, Ruben Lenten spinning electronic beats on the bottom floor, with a Jacuzzi tub turned into a cooler filled with beer in the upstairs VIP room and a full-on laser show in the dunes in front of the house. It went until dawn. All without any party fouls or issues. Until we got the damage bill for the house. Oops. Jason Slezak

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 1.18.50 PM

REAL KITEBOARDING makes new riders everyday. They also make couples. You can’t count the relationships created at REAL over the years on two hands. I met my wife Beckey there back in 2010. Just to mention some of the power couples, Jason Slezak and Jamie, Matt and Lucy Nuzzo, John and Alexis Bilderback, Stan and Amy Radev, Pete and Nina, Claire Lutz and Bear Kerry. Some couples weren’t a direct result of SSS but were a result of REAL Watersports. Davey Blair

PETTER JOHNSEN CAME OUT OF Norway and is probably one of the coolest cats I know. He had a snowboard background and he was one of the more stylish riders. It didn’t really matter what he was doing as it always looked good. I kind of wish he got more support from his sponsors so that I could see him push himself more. The other place he made my jaw drop was at one of the parties. The party was pumping and a dance circle formed. Petter absolutely destroyed everyone else’s dance moves. I would have declared him winner like half way through but to put the icing on the cake he wanted to end with a backflip and right when he went to jump, he slipped, landed on his head and his body scorpioned so hard his feet touched the back of his head. He could have broke his neck but walked away only needing a few stitches to the face.” Andre Phillip

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