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The Kite Launcher 5 – Failure to Launch? I don’t think so

The KiteLauncher is back!! Limited edition ‘failure to launch’ riding vests available for two weeks only!!

After suffering a terrible double knee blowout earlier in the launching season, making sure the UKcrew where off the ground, he has been spending some time recovering at home in the UK…and looking after the girlfriends whilst the boys are off traveling…

The Life of a professional Athlete is never as easy as it seems, but when you introduce girls into the mix life can get complicated… The Kite Launcher, is experiencing this first hand as he tries to balance his girlfriend, his clothing brand, the movie and the album whilst keeping his professional launching career up in the air…

Needless to say his traveling schedule has taken a hit, but now that he has got all the necessaries in place, hopefully he will get rid of the unnecessaries and will be travelling with the boys again soon!

Music by: Born Ina Barn – Joe Publik –…
Rustik Records –

All clothing available at:


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