Saturday, June 22, 2024

Nick Jacobsen


Urban Kiteboarding with Nick Jacobsen Episode #2

Nick Jacobsen is back again, making the most of the Urban Features on a deserted island in Copenhagen. Nick Jacobsen - daring greatly. "Big Air is...

1440 – Nick Jacobsen & Mikkel Hansen

1440! Kiteboarding is just fun!  

Nick Jacobsen – Light wind summer days in Denmark

One minute of pure fun. Nick Jacobsen catches the action on a cell phone and GoPro Max 360.    

Most EXTREME Kitesurfing competition EVER – Cold Hawaii Games

The 2021 Cold Hawaii Games Big Air event will go down in history as one of the most extreme Kitesurfing competitions ever. With winds...

Cape Town Diaries

‘Cape Town Diaries’ ft. the legendary riders Nick Jacobsen, Jesse Richman, Marc Jacobs, Graham Howes and Tom Bridge. "The North Big Air Team took on...

Launching into Orbit with Nick Jacobsen

Nick Jacobsen launches into Orbit from 84m above a deserted Caribbean Island. Check out his weapon of choice, the 12m North Orbit:  


North Technology Group (NTG) is extremely proud to announce that world-renowned kiteboarder Nick Jacobsen has joined North Kiteboarding. Danish daredevil Jacobsen, who jumped off of...

2018 Product Shoot – THE MOVIE (Cabrinha Kitesurfing 2018)

Get ready to be captivated as Cabrinha's extraordinary team unites in this captivating movie, taking us on an unforgettable journey through their 2018 product...

Nick Jacobsen sets Tow-Up Kite world record at 277 meters

Nick Jacobsen flew his kite 277 meters (908.8 feet) high in the sky with the help of Team Brunel, a sailing team who competes...

Nick Jacobsen Dubai Jump

Insanely massive kitesurfing jump from Nick Jacobsen in Dubai. He jumped off the helipad at the Burj al-Arab hotel, the third tallest hotel in the...

Chapter One

WeTransfer presents Chapter One, the world’s first feature-length kiteboarding movie.   First look at Chapter One – The Kiteboard Legacy Begins - trailer Chapter One – The...

THE FX MAN (a kiteboarding short film)

Cabrinha has been taking a different approach with their kite films the last couple of years. They hit a home run with Fly Me...