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GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Morocco 2021 | Day 4 | Epic wave action in Dakhla

It was a non-stop action for Day 4 in Dakhla, Morocco as the conditions were pumping and the action was epic. We completed all...

Pat Goodman North Kites Interview

North kite designer Pat Goodman in his most in-depth kite interview we have ever done. Get the inside scoop on the new 2020 North...

2018 Youth Olympics Europe and Africa Qualifications – Opening & Practice Day

Leading Riders Set to Battle for Coveted Kiteboarding Spots in Upcoming Youth Olympics. Dakhla, Morocco - Many of the top contenders for the inaugural kiteboarding...

MITU MONTEIRO defeats KEAHI DE ABOITIZ in exciting Dakhla final

It all came down to a Friday finale in Dakhla with the strongest wind all this week, blowing right off the point as the...

GKA Dakhla Day 4 – Main Event Kick-off

The conclusion of a tense tussle in the trials yesterday and action from round one at the #GKAWave & #StraplessFreestyle tour finals here in #Dakhla. Adaptation was the name...

Morocco events confirmed

IKA confirms two pro kiteboarding events in Morocco for 2016. ---- The Interntional Kiteboarding Association is pleased to confirm two new events in Morocco commencing later this...

Sarduakar: الصحراء

"The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don't know the difference between reality...

Nick Jacobsen in Morocco!

Nick Jacobsen in Morocco during the Dakhla Kitesurfing World championship. Amazing moments we will never forget! ‪  

Travel With Brandon: Dakhla Attitude

Last September I had an opportunity for travel to Morocco and mentor under Ryan and Evan Taylor, two extremely talented photographers. Here are the extra...