Length: 5’4”/ Width: 19” 

Thickness: 2.375” / Fins: Tri fin 

The new Whip comes in CSC as the versatile ripper of the impressive North range. This board has some great features and riding style that promotes skill development but with great rewards for all skill levels. The Whip’s bottom features consist of a flatter double concave channel through the center which drives speed and upwind ability into the shape. Fast and manoeuvrable from rail to rail, the Whip is comfortable and smooth through drawn out turns. It’s also surprisingly controllable and agile on the wave and the feel of the board underfoot is very comfortable. The cork shock absorbers feel solid but the flex seems more dynamic than some of the bamboo reinforced constructions that tend to deaden the ride. The square tail, and fast but low rocker line, makes the Whip a great board for freestyle jumps; the shape and volume distribution keep it well balanced in the air. The Whip also has a very smooth ride with tons of control over chop at high speeds. Good incremental improvement over previous years, the 2018 Whip is a great performing directional board for any level of rider and will keep a big smile on your face in a huge range of conditions from freestyle bump and jump to real waves. This is a board that might be the most cherished and useable in your surf quiver with great applications for when the surf is less than ideal.