Length: 5’10” / Width: 18.33” 

Thickness: 2.25” / Fins: Thruster 

The North Wam is a high performance short board shape for the coveted great wave day, but still has some good performance for a broad range of conditions. It has a thruster fin configuration with tail rocker and shape that is well suited for the big days and hard driving conditions. This year’s version also has some added playfulness or enhanced usability for lesser conditions with better low end planing power than the Wams of the past. For 2018, North’s shaper Sky Solbach, added some additional width in the Wam’s center and extended the wide point which gives the board some front foot planing surface and better upwind drive. The Wam drives nicely off the front foot and has a smooth riding double concave hull. The new construction on CSC gives the board a very light and reactive feel and it’s quick and snappy from rail to rail. North’s CSC technology is light but strong and the Wam has the familiar flex and feel of a traditional surfboard, but with durability and dynamics required for the added pressures of kitesurfing. All the test team riders agreed that the feel and performance you get from the North’s high end construction is worth the premium price. This board is well suited to intermediate to advanced level riders that want uncompromised performance on big wave days but can still perform admirably when conditions aren’t ideal.