On the Cover – Kitesurfing Magazine Issue #3

Kitesurfing Magazine Cover_#3

Location: Peahi, Jaws, Maui / Rider: Jesse Richman / Photographer: Quincy Dein
“Jaws has always been my ultimate goal growing up on Maui. We would go to the cliff and watch it when it was breaking, it looked big but the huge waves seemed so far away. I met Laird Hamilton one time and asked him why he went out to Jaws and he said it was an unexplainable drive… That didn’t make sense to me, I was thinking he would tell me the answer but he just gave me that…. what was I supposed to do with it?….. Jaws was awesome, gnarly and for some reason it was something that I wanted. I didn’t understand why I wanted it, it seemed like a very dangerous decision but I just knew there would come the day when I would be out there amongst the small group of elite watermen.”
—Jesse Richman