Kite Tow In @ Cloudbreak

“It was a super windy afternoon at Cloudbreak. Everyone had finished surfing for the day because it’s pretty hard to sit out there in those conditions without getting mowed down by big sets. That’s why towing there can be good. But we didn’t have the jet-ski. Keahi was still out kiting but had become really overpowered as the wind picked up so he swung past and asked if I wanted to get whipped in. Of course! Although it was definitely the highlight of my session it’s probably not something I’d do too often; a bit of a novelty and some fun.” — Ben Wilson

Location: Cloudbreak, Fiji
Photos: Glen Duffus
Riders: Ben Wilson and Keahi De Aboitiz

Cloudbreak Kite Tow In

Cloudbreak Kite Tow In: Keahi De Aboitiz gives Ben Wilson a lift.

Ben Wilson kiteless at Cloudbreak.

Ben Wilson kiteless at Cloudbreak.

From the Spring 2016 Issue of Kitesurfing Magazine.