KING OF THE CHAIR – Willem Hooft tells his story

“I can no longer walk, but I will learn how to fly.”—Willem Hooft

This is what Willem said after he ended up in a wheelchair in 2017 due to a motorbike accident. His big dream was to go kitesurfing on the waves of South Africa. In the rehabilitation clinic he started his search for the possibilities to make his dream come true. He had a customized surfboard produced with a seat on it. After months of hard training, the time had finally come. Two years after this accident Willem flew to Cape Town, where he made his dream come true. “This adventure has surpassed even my wildest dreams.”

Nowadays Willem’s mission is promoting the sport sit-kitesurfing and with his foundation he helps to make the sport accessible to more people with disabilities. Willem gives motivational talks worldwide about personal leadership, dealing with change and thinking in possibilities. He inspires others to never stop dreaming!

Special thanks to Carli-Ann Smith for making this beautiful video.