After 12 nights of a fierce battle on the water between team rider Joey Pasquali (F-One & Manera) and Johnny Heineken (Ozone), Joey claimed the title and wins the coveted Bluerush Thursday Night Race Series, hosted by the St Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. Only after the final race of the final night did the winner was decided, and the difference was only 1 point ! The official ceremony will be held at the St Francis yacht Club in the coming weeks. We want to congratulate Joey for a fantastic season so far and wish him good luck for the Kite Foil Gold Cup in Australia. We also want to congratulate Seth Besse, another Bay Area F-One rider for finishing a very respectable 4th place behind Stefaans Viljoen.

We honestly couldn’t hope for a better start for our American race team this season with the launch of our new foil kite, the DIABLO. Another F-One rider, Nico Landauer (from San Diego) won the Martha Vineyard regatta back in July and was regularly in the top 3 here in the Bay Area when visiting from San Diego (his home base).

It has been a great year for the 2015 Bluerush kite race series, hosted at St. Francis Yacht Club. It just shows how fast the sport is developing that 34 out of 36 season competitors switched to racing hydro foils this year, with about 80 percent making the change to ram air kites as well. 

This made for very tight racing all season, and for me it came down to a nail biting last race against Johnny Heineken to decide the season victory.  I managed to make it a third year consecutive victory, which is something I had only hoped for, which such strong competitors.  I am already raring to go for next year for another hard core racing series!

I would like to thank my amazing Sponsor’s; F-One, Manera and Bluerush Boardsports.

Joey Pasquali


Photo Courtesy F-One USA/Brandon Richards The Kiteboarder