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InstructionalAdvancedHooked in TAIL GRAB to blind - with Tom Court

Hooked in TAIL GRAB to blind – with Tom Court

This is a hooked in Tail Grab with a blind landing whilst still hooked in. Tricks like this can really improve your kiting as it teaches you several skills. To keep your body in the correct upright position to land blind, good pop technique, good grab technique and the methodology being starting your first unhooked tricks. Once you have the hooked in blind landings dialed, then it opens up another world of variations that you can add to your existing tricklist! These are called ‘Dork Tricks” when you do a typically inhooked trick, whilst still hooked in… The perfect place to start learning your theory!

Follow this clip to stick your first hooked in blind landing trick and I will follow up with some more technical variations in my next video… talking about how this can lead to rapid progression! Comment bellow if you have any questions, want to see more ticks or subscribe…

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