F-One Bandit 8 Review

Sizes Tested (m): 12, 14

Review Synopsis:
The F-One Bandit 8 is true all-terrain magician, with slippery smooth handling, better boost than ever and high end performance for every condition, in any discipline.

The Good Stuff:
With its chameleon-like ability to adapt to any freeride discipline from waves, to freestyle, to foil cruising, the F-One Bandit 8 is a true legend of the all-terrain master class. In its eighth version of evolution, the kite has a new four-point bridle system connecting to the leading edge which has helped to smooth out the power progression when sheeting in and out, and also helps stabilize the canopy in both the high and low levels of its range. The test team was impressed with the Bandit’s overall friendly handling, smooth turning and power delivery. It’s a kite that is both easy to fly but can be pushed to the limits in freestyle, waves or big air boosting. The 12 meter had good low-end power and that consistent C-kite-feel, with some smooth power generation through the arc of the turns. This new Bandit seems less twitchy when fully sheeted and feels smoother at all angles of attack. Ultimately it seem like the turning speed is about the same, but its delivery is better than ever. The Bandit was always a good jumping kite, but the newest version has some added hang time to its long list of enviable attributes. Unhooked freestlye or park riding is also a dream with the Bandit, as it pulls smooth and stays stable and drifts nicely while unhooked. This kite delivers an ideal level of pop and pass performance with the right amount of boost and drift for the more aggressive booted-up freestyle crowd. Most kites with this much range have more pinched wing tips with no pull through the turn, but the Bandit’s trend-setting open C and delta shape has the optimum range. The turning is consistent and smooth pulling through the loop. This allows riders to use the extra forward pull of the kite loop for smooth and fluid landings.

The Trade Off:
Many riders prefer a lower center V off the front flying lines which make it easier to untangle your back and front lines if the kite rolls into itself. Performance-wise the Bandit leaves little to criticize.

Best For:
Intermediate-to-advanced riders that want a kite that won’t hold them back in any condition or discipline. This is a one-model quiver that can adapt to the skill and performance of the rider, and opens the doors of progression to take you to the next level.

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