Core Spectrum Hydrofoil

Core introduces the new Spectrum line of hydrofoils for Wing Foiling.


Each Spectrum front wing has a medium aspect-ratio for the ideal balance of performance and control, resulting in an extremely fluid feeling. As each size of wing in the Spectrum range narrows in thickness slightly differently from middle to tip, the angle-of-attack then turns negative towards the end of the tip; a proven technique in aviation to reduce drag and improve speed. Constructed with a multi-layer carbon laminate, the wings are not only light weight but also extremely durable.


Our extruded aluminum mast is as light as many carbon designs with the added durability of 6063 aircraft aluminum. You’ll also appreciate its silent trailing edge design as a welcome relief. Our extruded aluminum mast features a progressive five stringer, thin wall design that reinforces the highest stress areas. Precise fit tolerances ensure the mast fits tightly into the fuselage.!!


Our CNC’d fuselage features well-rounded edges to improve water flow over the wing and stabilizer. We’ve maximized the geometric wing connection surface area to reduce twist, improve stiffness, performance and water flow while the area between the wing and mast is optimized to keep torsion movement to a minimum.!! The fuselage behind the mast also features a top concave to improve water release. Wing angles are also finely tuned to be streamlined with the fuselage in nominal cruising speeds for extra glide through your turns and maneuvers.!


Lightweight, 90mm mast track compatible and has a hydrodynamic profile that delivers an unmatched connection to your board. The deep mast socket provides a tight, secure connection with your foil. The low profile and slick form minimize resistance during touchdowns. We kept the base as lightweight as possible while adding strategic internal struts to absorb stress from the mast stringers. We also opened the screw attachment points for quicker assembly.!


Frontwing: 950 – 1250 – 1550 – 1850 – 2150 sqcm

Stabilizer: 300 sqcm

Fuselage: 70 cm!!

Mast: 60 – 70 – 80 – 90!cm