BIG AIR KITEBOARDING Session, UK!!! Court In The Act

Welcome back to another week in the world of Tom Court, #courtintheact as we shred around the UK. Winter is coming and some of the best conditions are at this time of the year with warm sea temperatures and strong winds final hitting the English coastline as the autumn storms continue to kick in… this is the time for some epic kiteboarding big air action!! In this video we take the boat to a secret spot in the middle of a storm, linking up with James Griffith again for our first shred in the UK since the Dominican Republic project with Mous Cases:…

Scoring this epic spot with the new GoPro 10, POV and the Kite launcher on long lens… the Duotone Dice 8m as the best kite looping machine in the range… Jaime 142 and we are ‘ready for a shreddy!!’ at on of the sickest spots in the UK.

Some big loops, kite loops, late back rolls and grabs… my favourite way to warm into the winter season with the crew!!

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Filmed on GoPro Hero 10 Black:‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč

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