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Best Wave Contest of all time


Title: Wave Event On – GKA Mauritius Day 5: The Best Kite Wave Contest of All Time

Summary: The best kite wave contest of all time took place on Day 5 of the GKA Mauritius event. Hosted at Bel Ombre by C-Beach Club and Kite Globing, the competition showcased the pure wave discipline of kitesurfing in challenging conditions.

Riders battled it out in the men’s kite-surf single elimination, with the waves at Bel Ombre reaching impressive heights. The shallow waters and big marauding faces posed a test for the participants, who had to build their confidence over the 20-minute heats. The waves, ranging between two and three meters on the face, provided an exhilarating playground for the competitors.

Francesco Capuzzo set the tone by winning his first heat and describing the conditions as big but occasionally closing out. Local rider Jeremy Chan demonstrated his expertise, showcasing how to work a wave all the way to the inside. However, it was Airton Cozzolino who stole the show with his extreme mastery and aggressive wave attack. He fearlessly attempted a barrel and drew admiration from the judges, even though he didn’t complete the ride.

Pedro Matos and Charlie Wise engaged in a closely contested battle, with Matos utilizing bigger waves upwind for smooth carves, while Wise showcased his athleticism and turns on the smaller sections downwind. In one of the most exciting heats, Duotone teammates James Carew and Sebastian Ribeiro faced off, with Carew impressing the judges by scoring an outstanding 9.5 for a deep barrel.

Oswald Smith showed resilience by recovering from a challenging start, and Mitu Monteiro demonstrated his adaptability by changing his game plan in pursuit of victory. The competition was fierce, with riders aiming to secure the winning wave that could propel them to victory.

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