Best Kite Videos of 2015 – Sensi Graves

This month Kitesurfing Magazine is asking pro kiteboarders for their picks for favourite kiteboarding videos of 2015. Today Kitesurfing Magazine checks out Sensi Graves’ favourites.

Te Tainui. The shots in this video are phenomenal. I loved the spirit, videography and variety this full length kite movie showcased. It is a powerful and idyllic video showcasing the best of our sport.

Kiteboarding by Manuela Jungo and Colleen Carroll. I loved the idea behind this video and thought it was a clever way for the girls to bring something new to the world of kite videos. Plus I absolutely love seeing women ride.

Video that I starred in:
Where the Wind Blows Oregon. This passion project gave me the opportunity to work with some of my closest girlfriends. It’s the first female kiteboarding series of it’s kind. We were beyond stoked to share our love for the sport, love for Hood River and give our followers a glimpse into this lifestyle.

Favorite product video: https://vimeo.com/113968953
Brandon is just such a phenomenal rider. He’s skilled in every discipline that I can think of and has a gigantic bag of tricks. This video marked the launch of his pro model board and did a great job of capturing the feel of the board and highlighting it’s characteristics as well as demonstrating Brandon’s skills as a kiteboarder and ambassador for our sport.