BAKL Cape Town | The FINAL Stop of The Big Air Tour

The final stop of the 2021 tour and with it we will crown our first ever Big Air Kite League Champion! It’s been one crazy year, with 5 stops to The Big Air Tour – a world’s first for big air kitesurfing! We’re looking forward to wrapping up 2021 in style with some nuking conditions. It’s for the riders ⚡

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We owe a massive heartfelt thanks from the entire organization, including our riders, to our partners who fuel us in these competitions! Thank you for sharing our passion for big air and putting your hard-earned resources into making The Big Air Tour happen. We couldn’t do it without you!

CORE Kiteboarding
Ride Engine
The Surfr App
No Noise Media
Dolphin Beach Hotel

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Big Air Kite League
It’s for the riders ⚡