Air Sickness Kiteboarding Video by Side-Off Video

Super stoked to see this VHS classic released digitally by Brain Caserio. He was a pioneer in the earlier kiteboarding days. His video Air Sickness is OG to the max. All the early Maui legends and the east and west coast scene in the US are well represented. This video brings back memories. The first ever kitesurfing slider in the Gorge makes an appearance too!

“Produced by Side-Off Video, Air Sickness is was released in early 2001 and was one of the first all action kiteboarding videos to hit the screen. While dated by today’s standards (Air Sickness was only ever released on VHS tape) it is a historical glimpse into the early glory days of kiteboarding, highlighting the 2000 wind season from Cape Hatteras to Oregon, California, and Hawaii. All the top riders of the time were captured on everything from digital video to 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm film, including innovative POV shots that far predate GoPro cameras. All types of riding are featured including wake style, freeriding, big air, and surf. Riders include Elliot Leboe, Chris Gilbert, Mauricio, Abreu, Marcus “Flash” Austin, Robby Naish, Peter Trow, Lou Wainman, Des Walsh, Graham Boltz, Jonah Lepak, Chuck Patterson, Fadi Issa, Trip Forman, Ty Luckett and many others. Please enjoy.” —Brian Caserio


00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:48 – Elliot Leboe

00:05:35 – Cape Hatteras

00:09:45 – Chris Gilbert

00:14:28 – Gorge Games

00:17:24 – Mauricio Abreu

00:20:44 – Freeriding

00:24:14 – Kitesurfing

00:27:20 – Marcus “Flash” Austin

00:31:56 – Oahu

00:35:52 – Robby Naish

00:44:50 – Wipeouts

00:49:08 – Peter Trow

00:52:52 – San Francisco

00:57:38 – Mexico

01:01:28 – Lou Wainman

01:05:32 – Credits