9 Tips for Rapid Progression

Janek and I share our most valuable tips for getting good at Big Air kitesurfing super fast! In our 6 years of kitesurfing, we’ve learnt that TRYING HARD isn’t good enough. If insane progression is your goal, you’ve got to TRY SMART too. So here are 9 TIPS for you to incorporate into your kiting that’ll no doubt help you progress WAY FASTER. We live by these tips and they’re working for us. Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for the next how to video: Mastering the HELI LOOP!

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1. Ride with better riders –
2. Videos of yourself –
3. Focus. Choose your disciplines –
4. The Right Kites for the Job –
5. Try something new every session. Set Goals. Visualize –
6. Chase the wind –
06:22 7. Avoiding injury like it’s an STD – 06:40
8. Coaching –
9. Keep it fun –
10. What makes a MEGALOOP a MEGAloop –

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