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GWA Wingfoil World Tour Qualifying Series & Partnership Program Launches!

ENSURING SUSTAINABLE FOUNDATIONS AND PROFESSIONAL PATHWAYS FOR THE FUTURE March 22nd, 2022 Hamburg, Germany  Launching in 2022, the GWA Wingfoil World Tour Qualifying Series (QS) will offer a...


This is a story about a person that means a lot to us, someone who opened our eyes to the world, the one who...

FreeWing Brand Video by Starboard X Airush | for Wingfoiling & Wingsurfing

Did you know the FreeWing has dual research & development locations - between Cape Town, South Africa and Bangkok, Thailand? That's right; the FreeWing...

Friday Night Wing Foil Racing St Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco

Friday Night Wing Foil Racing September 10th 2021 3 full races and half the 4th race. St Francis Yacht Club San Francisco Filmed by Jamy Donaldson  

F-ONE US Wingfoil Grom Squad

Young, wild and free, the F-ONE WING Groms are killing it! Groms: Morgan Ostermann / Mary Rose Kissinger / Christopher Macdonald / Luca Vuillermet /...

First time shooting with the GoPro Hero 10 (Wing Foiling)

Riding with my bro Ridge Lenny and friend Otis Buckingham on the North Shore of Maui.—Kai Lenny

AWSI Tradeshow – Naish Wingsurfing

Designer Nils Rosenblad shares the Naish 2022 Foil lineup with us. Looking for the ultimate foil set up? Nils walks us through the lineup...

AWSI Trade Show – Cabrinha 2022 preview

Evan Netsch walks us through the Cabrinha Wing Foiling lineup and explained what conditions he chooses to wing foil vs kitefoil or kiteboarding.  

Kite VS Wing

When do you wingsurf vs kitesurf? Four of the world's top watermen talk wingsurfing vs kitesurfing. Check out: Is wing foiling easier than kiting?

First-time Wingsurfing Buyer’s Guide with Robby Naish

What is the ideal setup for a family getting into Wing Foiling? The legend himself, Robby Naish, share the details of how to choose...

Competition Insights from the Tarifa Wing Pro

We are so stoked to see the level of wing foiling progress from one event to the next. The competition is already going through...

Wing Foiling – How to choose the right equipment

One of our main goals here at the GWA is encouraging more wingers to get into the sport in a safe and effective way. Getting...