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Danny Barnette

“Born landlocked in Raleigh, North Carolina, Danny Barnette was home-schooled as one of seven brothers and sisters. Growing up in the shadows of the famed “Tobacco Road,” Danny fueled his athletic spirit on the hardwood, playing basketball along with his younger brother Chris during the majority of his youth.

Family vacations to Myrtle Beach gave Danny his first exposure to the sport of kiteboarding. He was well known at the 42nd Ave locale for flying trainer kites with skimboards through the shallow tidal pools that would form along the Grand Strand.

Throughout high school, Danny would travel with a dedicated, small group of kiters from the Myrtle area to Cape Hatteras every spring and fall. His summer weekends were spent doing downwinders along the coast of South Carolina boosting big airs to the, “oohs and aahs,” of wading tourists.

Danny graduated in 2013 and moved to the water sports mecca of Cape Hatteras to pursue his passion as a waterman where he began his instructing career at Ocean Air Sports. With the constant support and encouragement from Brian Klauser, Chris Rutledge and the OA team, Danny pushed himself and progressed at a rapid rate. In just one summer living at the beach, Danny acquired sponsorship from North Kiteboarding in the fall of 2013.

When the chill of winter chases tourists away from Hatteras, Danny can be found charging the waves in Puerto Rico, where he is an instructor for Goodwinds Watersports at a 5-Star Ritz Carlton Resort.

Competing in the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic for his second year, Danny continues to perfect his wave riding skills. His passion to improve, is only surpassed by his stoke on life, love of teaching and exposing more people to the world of kiteboarding. Those close to Danny know there is no greater ambassador for the sport.

You will be hard-pressed to find Danny not flashing his Hollywood smile. He is positive, caring, humble and full of an integrity that is rare to find in a man of his age. So next time you’re at the Lighthouse in Buxton, NC and see a smiling blonde-headed kid smacking the lip of a wave, odds are it’s Danny Barnette.”—Kenneth Spielvogel, MD

Date of birth: 03/23/1994

Years riding: 8 total: 5 vacation years, 3 years full-time,

Sponsors: North Kiteboarding, ION, OceanAir Sports, GoodWinds

Hometown: Wake Forest, North Carolina

Off-water activities: Surfing, sailing, snorkeling, road trips with friends.

Favorite board and kite: For flatwater, North Jaime 136 centimeter and 9 meter Dice on 24 meter lines. For waves, Pro Series 5’8’’ and 7 meter Neo

Last trick landed:  Front Roll Kite Loop

Favorite trick: Jesus Walk or just a nice frontside hit off the lip.

First setup: 2005 North Toro and a 112 centimeter CrazyFly board.

Favorite place to ride: The Lighthouse, or Shacks Beach in Puerto Rico for waves. The Planet Slick in Hatteras for flatwater.

Favorite conditions: Head-high rights with 7 meter side-offshore winds.

Who do you ride with most often? I mostly ride with a tight group of my best buddies, co-workers, roommates etc. Everyone’s always stoked to be out shredding together, and we’re pushing each other to go higher, harder and faster! It doesn’t get much better!

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