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Turks and Caicos Kitesurfing Guide

Words by Lauren Holman and Lucas Arsenault

Need to Know

Closest Airport: Providenciales International Airport
Best Winds (Months): December, January, February, May, June, July
Best Surf (Months): December, January, February
Average Kite Size: 10-12 m2
Cost Factor: Medium to high price range
Hotels: Check Price and Availability 
Local Shops & Schools: 
Local Scene: Welcoming, friendly and always willing to help out.
Access Issues: Short Walks. It is strongly advisable to rent a car, otherwise it will be difficult to the various kite locations around the island.
Local Hazards: The occasional conch shell
Ability Level: Beginner, intermediate, expert
Fear Factor: Treacherous Northwest Reef

It’s not secret that planning a kiteboarding vacation is no easy feat. With your time and money on the line, we wonder, “will there be wind? Where are the best spots? Where do we kite and in what direction? How can we make the most of our limited time?” 

Many of you have already seen enticing pictures of Turks and Caicos, showcasing sandy, white beaches, crystal clear waters, blue skies, sunshine, palm trees: a tropical paradise. Believe it or not, this is an accurate representation of what Providenciales, the largest island in the Turks and Caicos archipelago, is really like. Located approximately 600 miles southeast of Miami, Providenciales boasts all of these attractive characteristics and is home to some of the best kiteboarding spots in the world. We had the pleasure of spending six months in this utopia with the opportunity to exploring every inch of the island. We want to share the locations and details of our favorite places to kite on Provo so that you can make the most of your next kiteboarding trip to the TCI.

Long Bay

Long Bay Beach is Turks and Caicos’ go-to spot. Kiteboarders flock here for the world-class conditions it has to offer. Long Bay consistently provides onshore or side-on glory wind. Endless shallow water, consistent winds and a sandy bottom for miles bring novice to professional riders from all around the world. This being said, Long Bay may be the most beginner-friendly spot in the world. It is by far the most populated beach in Turks, home to the only four kite schools on the island. However, crowds are not an issue, as the beach’s range extends for as far as you can see. It is located on the eastern point of Providenciales; public beach access can be found next to the famous Shore Club Resort off of Long Bay Highway. Kiteboarding at this spot is both convenient and reliable. You’re guaranteed to get your fix at Long Bay.

Lucas Arsenault at Long Bay.

Emerald Point

Emerald Point is the hidden gem of Turks and Caicos. Its diversity sets it apart from all other spots on Provo. Unlike a normal beach, the fact that the beach is literally a point, allows Emerald to deliver 270 degrees of consistent winds. This means that you will almost always score an epic session at the Point. North-to-west winds provide easy access to the reef and open ocean riding. If the waves are on, some of the cleanest swell in the world can be found half-a-mile from shore. Note: watch out for shallow sections. 

This direction also gives you the option to session inside the Emerald Point hook, which is straight upwind from Blue Haven Marina. The land that shadows this hook creates a buttery slick, ideal for freestyle riders. When the wind turns to northeast or east, you will have the same lagoon conditions from a different angle; now you will be riding towards the Marina. Pro tip: conditions are best when the tide is going out. A sand bar will appear and four knots of upwind current will give you extra power to make your session even more glorious. Emerald Point is located on the northeast tip of the island in the Leeward Community. Beach access is found off of a cul-de-sac at the end of Dolphin Avenue. This is a key spot for more advanced riders who are looking for more exclusive conditions.

Lucas Arsenault enjoys some butter at Emerald Point.

Donna’s Cut

Our personal favorite. When you’re searching for the ultimate flatwater experience, this is the place to go. Donna’s Cut is located directly north off the Point at Emerald. This means you will still launch off of Emerald Point and tack upwind about half a mile. This spot only works on straight north winds. Donna’s Cut is a wide channel that slices through mangroves, delivering long lines of glassy water. The cut is perpendicular to the north wind, providing a steady breeze the whole way through. Donna’s Cut is a bit of a mission, but upon arrival there is a small island that is suitable for launching/landing and filming! Riders here should be fairly advanced, unless supervised by boat, as it is upwind of two boat channels.

Iguana Island

Iguana Island, also known as Little Water Cay or Half Moon Bay, is another one of Turks and Caicos’ dreamy kite spots. Again, located north of Emerald Point (slightly further than Donna’s Cut), this sandy inlet delivers a special vibe with whomever you bring. Unlike Donna’s Cut, you will need northeast to southeast winds to session. Upon your arrival by kite or boat, you are safely isolated from boat channels and open water. This may be a comforting factor for a less-experienced kiter. The spot lives up to its name, as it is one of the only islands in the chain of Turks and Caicos with iguanas freely roaming around. You are guarantied to encounter many lizard friends inspecting you and your food situation. Don’t worry, these guys are basically harmless; they love to welcome you to their little island and can be very entertaining! Bring some friends, pack a lunch and head out for the day: you won’t regret the commute.

Drone Shot, Claudiu Barbura

Grace Bay: Sunset Beach

This is one of the most stunning beaches we have ever seen. Unbelievably clear, clean water offering hundreds of shades of blues and greens, sugary white sand. Although it is not the primary beach for kiteboarding, Sunset Beach (located on Grace Bay) can be epic in all westerly winds. West winds are uncommon in Turks so if it’s blowing, you should definitely take advantage! Unlike Long Bay, this side of the island is deep and more exposed to open waters. These factors make it more challenging, but allow for other forms of fun, like foiling! Sunset Beach is one of the only spots on Provo that you will kite in front of an audience, as the majority of the resorts on-island are located on this strip. The best launch site can be found at Sunset Beach in the Leeward Community.

Northwest Point

This spot is very similar to Grace Bay in appearance, but has its own very unique advantages. On marginal days at Long Bay, Northwest Point has been known for small thermals that can add a few knots and turn an average day into one to remember. Note: this spot can be ridden in both easterly and westerly directions and has closer reef access than Grace Bay. You will find this spot way out on the northwest tip of the island; follow directions to Northwest Point Resort on Davie Bight Road. Given that it is a bit of a hike to get there, this spot is extremely unpopulated. It would not be unusual to have the whole place to yourself.

Taylor Bay

On rare occasions, the wind turns to the southwest and builds strong enough for a session. When this happens, Taylor Bay is the place to be. Although the access to this beach is a bit more difficult due to private residences, it is worth the extra effort. Taylor Bay is located off the south coast of Providenciales. It is a sheltered peninsula, approximately 600 meters long. Look for the small, white gate on Ocean View Drive for beach access. Taylor Bay is suitable for riders of all levels. The shallow water, combined with small wave kickers, provide a fun environment for beginners and advanced riders alike, not to mention the stunning backdrops for photos. Taylor Bay is by far the best spot on Providenciales in a southwest wind.

No Wind

If you happen to be in the Turks and Caicos for one week, expect one or two days of light wind conditions. But don’t stress: no need for a wind dance! There are still plenty of activities to take advantage of while you wait for the wind to build. Providenciales is home to a few note-worthy snorkel sites. Smith’s Reef, located near Turtle Cove on the north coast of Provo, offers a variety of wild life and coral heads, including an array of strikingly beautiful reef fish, sea turtles, and majestic spotted eagle rays. All of this can be found just metres from shore, so don’t worry about taking a boat or swimming out! Also worth checking out is the Bight Reef (or Coral Gardens). Here you will find a wonderful diversity of fish and marine life, as well as lobsters, shrimp, eels, sea cucumbers, and (if you’re lucky) nurse sharks resting on the ocean floor. Aside from seeking underwater paradise, SUPing is a great no-wind activity on Provo. 

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