The Lagoon Ranger

In a world of chaos … one should look after the poor kitesurfer that are crashing together!

From the poor souls that don’t know what they are doing ,because no one told them , to the kiters that are cut out and have no way to avoid crashing on people going around without looking where they are going , someone has to do something .

Luckily the Lagoon Ranger is on the mission !Here are the two easy rules that the pros go by in the kite spots, that allow hundreds of people to share a tiny lagoon:

1) watch where you are going :
just like on a highway when you switch lanes , you don’t have priority when you change direction ,because no one can know when you will do it . So please , before changing side ,just look if someone is flying towards you or preparing to jump , and if there is someone : just let them go and go when they are safe and you too.
2) Look upwind .
you are in the way of anybody upwind of yourself , so if you don’t want people to crash on you be aware of what or who is coming to you . Sometimes its just a kite flying with no one attached to it, sometimes ,its a beginner that lost control .
if you stay downwind of everybody all the time though , you are just blocking them .
Because they can’t do anything without putting you in danger , at some point ,they will just put you in danger… you will be amazed how many people can ride in a small spot without any problems like this , and everyone rides much more !

So look where you are going, or you will be lassoed and tied to a tree !