Tested: NAISH S26 MA 1000 AND KITE 810


The S26 foil lineup is constructed from high quality 100 per cent, 3K pre-preg carbon on both the front and back wings. The S26 fuselage is 64 cm in length and features an aluminum construction which is compatible across all the wings. Naish has both full carbon masts or a hybrid 30 per cent carbon, in addition to aluminum masts available for this season in 95 or 70 cm lengths. The 810 wing, as the middle size of the range provides the best combo of early lift, smooth carving turns and amazing control at higher speeds. The test team were impressed with how quick and nimble this set up was but also the early lift and ease of use makes it a standout. The 810 was the quickest and most comfortable set up at faster pulling speeds with less tendency to feel out of control or overly draggy at higher speeds and wind pressure. The S26 foil range is also launching an MA Series of wings for 2022 and the test team had the opportunity to ride one of these in the 1000 cm² size. The MA series front wings evolved from the high aspect wing being used in the surfing and wing disciplines. The result is this very efficient and nimble foil performance from the MA 1000. Although there is less pumping efficiency (which isn’t needed when there is power generation from a kite, sail or wing) the MA 1000 has plenty of early lift for it size and is stable but offers more nimble and loose handling over a huge speed range. 

Naish KITE Foil 810


SIZE: 112 X 43.2 X 4.1 CM/12 L 

The Hover Kite 112 from Naish is a compact shape that keeps things nimble and reactive but with enough surface area to avoid burying the nose when coming off a foil. The Hover kite series of decks includes four sizes of board for different rider sizes and skill levels. The nice thin deck is stiff, reactive and gives the rider more of a direct feel. Revised and finely tuned over the past few seasons, this year the rails have been made thinner and the nose has slightly more scoop. All of the Hover series have the nice diamond grip textured EVA foam with raised tail pad and lots of options for foot strap placement. The 112 was the shortest and most nimble deck we had in this test and it’s best suited to intermediate to advanced riders that don’t need as much float for take offs or touch downs. Overall great quality in construction and the adjustable track system makes this deck compatible with any four-bolt plated foil.