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TravelAfrica'Summer Drive' Kitesurfing movie | Hannah Whiteley |

‘Summer Drive’ Kitesurfing movie | Hannah Whiteley |

Get ready to be captivated by the charm of Cape Town as professional kitesurfer Hannah Whiteley takes us on an unforgettable adventure. There’s an undeniable magic to this city, from its vibrant energy and infectious vibes to the warmth of its people. But for Hannah, Cape Town holds an additional allure—the perfect conditions for extreme kitesurfing.

In her quest to challenge herself and explore the limits of her riding, Hannah decides to step out of her freestyle comfort zone. This year, she sets her sights on the extreme side of kitesurfing, seeking the exhilaration of big air and heart-stopping kiteloops. Cape Town’s strong winds and impressive kicker waves create an ideal playground for her daring pursuits.

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