Length: 5’10” / Width: 18.33” 

Thickness: 2.25” / Fins: Quad 

The Mixer is the new surf shape in the Slingshot lineup this year and it’s designed for wave performance in a broad range of conditions. It fits nicely between the full-on, down the line wave bashing Tyrant, and the more freeride oriented Celeritas. Built for the rigors of kitesurfing, the Mixer has an EPS core with carbon stringers and carbon lay up in the tail, and full bamboo top sheet. No heel dents to worry about with this construction with lots of dampening and durability. The Mixer features a low concave in the bottom shape and through its wider outline. This allows it to plane up early and keeps the Mixer powered up at slower speeds. The tucked rails also keep the board loose and reactive from edge to edge, and the narrowed-out pin tail makes it nice and slashy on the face. The test team riders were impressed with the versatility and more universal applications of the Mixer as it works well in most wave conditions from sloppy onshore breaks to moderate sized surf. The Mixer is a great choice for the rider that wants a board that’s more manoeuvrable and reactive on a wave but still pushes upwind easily and tracks with some good speed and direction for general freeride cruising.