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Review: The Slim Can Yeti Cooler Cup – For the Slowest Sippers of the World!


Alright, let’s address the elephant (or should I say Yeti?) in the room. Most of my kiteboarding pals guzzle down their slim cans like they’re trying to break some world record. Did a timer start and nobody told me?

But then, there’s my lovely wife. The queen of savoring her drinks. For her, every sip is a mini ceremony, whether it’s a morning Red Bull kickstart or a laid-back slim can beer as the sun dips below the horizon. And, honestly, more power to her!

Enter the Slim Can Yeti. It’s not just a cooler cup; it’s a commitment to the slow-drinking lifestyle.

First off, the Sea Foam color? Sublime. It’s like holding a piece of the ocean in your hands but without the crabs.

In a world of fast sippers, the Slim Can Yeti is the unsung hero for those who truly appreciate their beverages. So, here’s to the Yeti, ensuring no drink is ever chugged in haste, and every can is covered with the elegance and chill it truly deserves.

Bottom line: Whether you’re a drink-racer or a sip-cherisher, give the Slim Can Yeti a spin. If not for the coolness, then definitely for the laughs and the luxury of leisurely libations! Cheers! 🍻

Exclusively from Real Watersports, they’ve truly outdone themselves with this one.

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