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Kevin Langeree and Damien Girardin fuse their talents to launch Reedin Kites

January 13th 2020 – Capetown – South Africa

After years of riding, designing, and developing an even deeper passion for kiteboarding, Damien Girardin and Kevin Langeree have fused their talents to build Reedin—a kite brand that aims to create an incomparable riding experience and inspires riders to enjoy every session.

Their passion for kiteboarding and product design has propelled the journey to develop the “perfect kite gear” that appeals to all riders. Reedin aspires to give riders a unique kiteboarding experience that redefines the sport, pushing them to relish every session.

Kiteboarding world champion and 3X King of the Air, Kevin Langeree, explains that for him “Kiteboarding is a never-dying passion, I wanted to break out, be free, define my gear, break new records, go beyond…” He dominates the kiting world in all aspects, from kitesurfing Jaws or Dungeons to kite-foiling and jumping to previously unseen heights, Kevin does it all, his riding inspired the Reedin product line.

Girardin’s passion for product design started from a young age and led him to study mechanical engineering and industrial design at École Centrale de Marseille in France. The motivation behind Reedin Kites comes from wanting to design products to perfection by paying attention to every detail in order for customers to have an amazing experience from the moment they purchase their gear to the end of their sessions. Through their brand, Langeree and Girardin have the freedom to create products that they would personally want to buy.

Whether Girardin is testing out new products or Langeree heads out to compete in King of the Air, the real reason both began kiteboarding always remains in their hearts. “It was the thrill” explains Girardin, “I still remember the adrenaline I felt the first time I kited, and ever since then the thrilling sensation remained. It always been pure stoke and every session continues to be about having the most fun possible. For Kevin, the fun starts at a higher altitude with a lot more time spent upside-down than most of us, but he kites for the exact same reason we all do”

At Reedin we want to fly faster, jump higher, and redefine all the possibilities of kiting. Our company is committed to providing the best experiences for kiteboarders by letting them indulge in their passion and reinvent the sport through our brand. It’s time to go beyond anything that has been done before, it’s time to fly Reedin.

Reedin kites will be unveiling a introduction product line-up very soon. Stay tuned and make sure you sign up.

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