Tested: North Sonar CF 1500R Hydrofoil Wing Tested


The Sonar 1500R was one of the standouts in the test for its early lift combined with amazing top end speed and controlled carving. This was tested on North’s new Sonar Carbon 72 cm mast and Carbon C600 fuselage. North has managed to standardize all of the extremely solid connection points for the front and back wings, masts and fuselages. This makes the Sonar system compatible across carbon or aluminum constructions which is ideal for anyone that wants to customize and upgrade to carbon or add different mast lengths and wing sizes. The 1500R is the ideal front wing to have for kite foilers that want to dabble in the surf, wake or wing foil modes. It has amazing top end speed, while at the same time provides early lift and super stable cruising. The concave trailing edge of the front wing stabilizes the added lift that occurs when the foil speeds up. This wing was a standout in the test especially for the heavier weight riders. The 1500R carries its speed through some smooth carving turns. Most wings this size are too slow and feel locked and hard to turn at higher kite pulling speeds. The 1500R might be the perfect do-it-all, crossover wing that anyone can learn on and then advance into any foiling discipline. 

“The North Sonar 1500R might be the perfect do-it-all, crossover wing that anyone can learn on and then advance into
any foiling discipline.”—Kitesurfing Magazine

SIZE: 110 X 45 CM 



The North Scoop Mini deck is a new addition for 2022 and features a similar outline and nose scoop to the standard model but with a shortened and thinned out profile. The new Scoop Mini has the same stiff carbon and bamboo sandwich construction as the the larger Scoop, but with less shaping on the bottom, a thinner profile and a shorter, more compact outline. The corduroy EVA is very comfortable on this deck which also keeps its subtle concave to provide the ideal grip underfoot. With enough scoop in the nose the Scoop Mini won’t pearl on touch downs but is slightly shorter with less bottom contouring than the larger version. Having a deck that is thinner like this Scoop Mini increases the reactivity of rider input. More advanced riders will appreciate having a lighter and more compact shape that is still stiff and responsive with the full carbon sandwich construction. It packs up nice and small too, making it a great travel companion to your next kite foiling destination.