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NewsNorth Reach Kite 2024 - Designer Notes with Pepijn Smit

North Reach Kite 2024 – Designer Notes with Pepijn Smit

Exploring the Blueprint: Delve into the intricacies of the 2024 Reach kite with North Kite Designer, Pepijn Smit, and Brand Director, Mike Raper. Unravel the unique features and advantages of their latest offering.

The new 2024 North Reach boasts a lightweight N-Max construction that performs exceptionally well in light wind, foil, and surf conditions, without diminishing the kite’s robustness. Its agile, swift steering and efficient power transmission ensure confident boosts, loops, and freestyle maneuvers, while the short responsive bridle provides quick, exponential depower.

Mike, the brand director for North Kiteboarding, introduces the highly anticipated 2024 North Reach kite, “your ultimate companion for any kiteboarding adventure”. With a focus on nimbleness and ease of riding, the Reach has undergone significant improvements for the 2024 model year.

To shed light on the enhancements, we turn to renowned kite designer, Pepijn Smit. He delves into the technical details, revealing the updates that make the Reach a top-notch performer.

One of the key changes is the improved canopy tension and revised arc design, resulting in a crisper and snappier response. The Reach now boasts more direct steering and a more dynamic recovery, making it a breeze to control in all conditions.

In particular, the larger sizes of the Reach have been optimized for light wind performance. Designed with a predictable and consistent forward drive, it enables twin tip riding even when other riders find the wind too light.

Pepijn Smit elaborates on the updates, highlighting the new profile transition panels. These panels lead to a cleaner and smoother profile entry, creating a more efficient shape for the kite. With only one panel segment, the Reach experiences fewer seams and exhibits a smooth transition from the segmented leading edge to the curved canopy. This redesign results in a highly aerodynamic and efficient airflow, reducing drag and elevating the kite’s performance and response to steering input.

Moreover, the use of Dacron in the wing tips has been minimized, and a lighter two ply material now lines the trailing edge. Combined with a lighter TPU material throughout the entire range, the Reach becomes even more flyable in lighter winds. This optimized setup ensures optimal steering and performance without compromising its durability.

An innovative Arc shape further enhances the Reach’s capabilities. This natural container-like shape ensures an even load distribution through the canopy and provides greater stability during kite loops. The Reach remains agile and fast but now boasts a crisper and more snappy feel, making it versatile and efficient in all aspects of riding.

Overall, the Reach embodies North Kiteboarding’s dedication to designing easy-to-ride yet high-performance kites. Whether you are a beginner or an expert rider, this kite guarantees to put a smile on your face across all disciplines.

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