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DATE OF BIRTH: 09/21/1999 

KM: What motivates you on the water? 
Nora Klement: I get really motivated when I have people around me training on the same tricks or already doing the tricks I want to learn. Another thing is when I have friends around me who know what I’m practising, pushing me to try it again and again after crashing. 

KM: What is your off-the-water training like? 

So what I really try to do just before I hit the water is a little warm up or stretching to get my body prepared for the session; especially when the conditions are tough. But to be honest I’m unfortunately not doing it every time; most of the time I’m just too stoked to get on the water as fast as possible! 

Besides this I’m trying to do every bit of cardio or home workouts to just keep my body active and build up some muscles. After this or after a session I do some stretching or yoga. 

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KM: Any recommendations for learning new tricks? 

NK: It’s really hard to give recommendations that everyone can or will use successfully; it’s just so different for everyone. For me the best way is watching the trick in slow motion to see what part of the body is doing which movement at what time. Then I try visualizing it and repeating it again and again in my head. When I’m on the water I just try it and see how it works. It’s also pretty helpful when somebody is watching or filming so I can analyze what’s missing or wrong in my movements. When I am stuck learning a trick, I try to find someone that is capable of landing it and ask how they have learned it. KM: What would you say to anyone wanting to learn to kite? 

NK: Just do it! I know it’s easy to say, but yes it’s really like this. But please don’t do it by yourself: look for a kite school and learn it properly and safely. Since I am an instructor myself you should just visit me on the island of Fehmarn and I can teach you. 

KM: What inspires you? 

NK: I think I need to convert the question to who inspired you? In the beginning it was definitely Angely Boulliot. I can still remember when I saw a video from her on Instagram. She did a high and powerful Kiteoop and a Kiteloop with a late Backroll. At that point I just thought I really want to learn this and I’m sure I can also do it. 

KM: What do you like about big air competition? 

NK: I really like the fact, especially in women’s only competitions, that there are so many people with the same passion and mindset. On the one hand, competing is a thing you do on your own because you want to show what you can do best and push your own limits. But on the other side it’s also a lot about having fun! Having nice people around you. Having nice sessions in pumping wind. We’re all on a similar level so you can push each other or get pushed by seeing what the others are doing. 

Before and after the heat it’s not about competition at all. It’s about having a chilled day or some days together, meeting a lot of new people that share the same passion. In the Big Air Kite League Cape Town this year I met a lot of girls I saw on social media or texted with and we just had the best time together! 

KM: How did you get to where you are today? 

NK: As I already said, a video on Instagram was more or less the point where I started. I had just learned kiting half a year ago and I was at the point where I did my first tiny jumps and some tricks like a Backroll. I went on the water with some friends and I asked them how a Kiteloop works. Then after a few fails because I was afraid of it, I pulled the loop. Of course I didn’t land it but I lost a bit of my fear. After this I went to Brazil for three months. It was the first time that I had stronger winds and a lot of time to kite. We went to several places and everywhere I saw people doing Kiteloops. So again I really wanted to learn it properly. So I asked everyone how to do it and I just tried. I went out everyday for several hours, did loops and crashed. I never jumped very high because I wasn’t able to at that point but I just wanted to pull loops, so I continued. At the end of my time in Brazil I was finally able to land my first loops and to become confident with it. Then I forced myself to put the focus on jumping higher to loop more safely. Because it’s still in my head what a friend told me: the higher you are the safer it is, because you just have more time. Now a few years and a lot of loops later I agree. At the beginning of something new I’m always a bit fearful. But when I’ve overcome this I’m even more motivated to keep going and pushing myself more. 

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